We have a large range of modern and designer frames including Gucci, Prodesign, Ted Baker, Oga, Koali, Zacposen, Coco Song, Vera Wang, Jono Hennessy, Jimmy Choo, Carrera and Australian designer Brendan O’Keefe. We also cater for those who would like the contemporary look without the designer label price tag. These frames range from middle to budget pricings depending on your needs. We have various shapes and colours to suit your face shape and skin tone. Be it a subtle frame that blends in or a funky colourful set that your friends will rave about!

We pride ourselves in spending time with each patient personally to ensure they make the right functional and cosmetic choice. We have general purpose glasses, distance (TV and driving), reading and computer, bifocal or multifocal glasses, with the latest designs and features. We also have aspheric lenses, especially for patients who are longsighted. This allows a flatter, lighter and more cosmetically appealing lens.

Lenses are available in‚ thinner and lighter‚ materials if your prescription is in the moderate to high range. These lenses have a higher‚ refractive index, which provides more clarity across the entire visual field. The higher the number, the thinner and lighter a lens will be. For example a basic standard plastic lens has a refractive index of 1.5. One step thinner and lighter is 1.54, then 1.56, 1.6, 1.67 and 1.74. Depending on your prescription, choice of frame and cosmetic needs we will make a recommendation that suits you.

Another important lens feature is an antireflective coating; multicoat. Lenses are an extra surface in front of the eyes and can often lead to annoying reflections. An antireflective coating will improve the clarity of the lenses by reducing reflections. It also means that people can see your eyes rather than reflections in the lens. A multicoated lens is fantastic for night driving and computers. Ask us if you are suitable for an antireflective coating!